Thom was born in Toronto, Canada on July 18, 1983.
He was Doron and Anat’s firstborn followed by his sisters Amit and Ori.
In 1991, when Thom was eight, the Farkas Family returned to Israel. 


Thom, who was very close to the community in Toronto, quickly fell in love with Israel. He was playful and mischievous and loved the good life. Thom took advantage of every opportunity to go on ski vacations, play his guitar, and spend time with his younger sisters, whom he loved dearly.

Following in his father’s footsteps, In 2001 Thom was accepted to the pilot’s course. Thom finished the course successfully becoming a fighter helicopter pilot.

Thom’s girlfriend Reut came into his life during the first year of the pilot’s course. They were together for five years. Thom always said he had found the love of his life and knew that someday they would get married.

In July of 2006, Thom had planned a vacation in Canada to visit his uncle and his friends but he had to postpone his trip because of the war.

On Monday, the 24th of July 2006, Thom’s helicopter crashed on the Lebanon border. Thom and his co-pilot Zvi Luft, were killed instantly.

Thom was 23 years old.


Sitting on the plane on my way back home, I am broken inside; something in me has been changed forever. Your grandfather Tzvi, would have said “you don’t cry over spilt milk”, and when he died I couldn’t speak about him, even until this day.

But today, I am coming out of my shell for all of us, and this is why I stand here today, to speak to you and about you.

Thom, you had your life planned out. Everything was set and ready but the luck wasn’t with you. I always felt we had a strong father-son bond, as well as a wonderful friendship, and in the last few years it had become stronger.

We always knew that you and I were one. I supported you the day you decided to join the Israeli Air Force. I never pressured you because I knew that it had to be your own decision since this decision carries a price.

But this price Thom, I never expected.


Thom, you loved to take care and watch over all of us. I promise to take care and watch your grandparents that you loved so dearly.

In 1991, when we returned to Israel, your mother and I knew it was the right place for our family. Amit and Ori, I am sorry – I never meant to show you this side of life. But, we must look ahead, get stronger, and together we have to build the next chapter of our lives. Anat, you are the love of my life; this will never change. Together we must now rebuild our home with Thom’s inspiration that will follow us throughout our lives.


Thom, we had a very strong bond. In one of our last conversations I realized from your things that I never showed my love for you directly. We kept talking and we both understood that there was nothing keeping us apart.

This is difficult for me to finish this letter and say goodbye. We are not saying goodbye. You will always be with me. You will always be my role model for kindness, friendship, beauty and great intuition.

I love you my sonץ



Doron Farkas - 26 July 2007




The following song was written for Thom by his friend Yiftach Kresner, and was sung by his sister Amit at his funeral.


A Million Stars

You wanted to fly 

You wanted to carry on 

With a half smile

you went up


A million stars

in the sky catch the colors in your eyes

Give us just one more second to say goodbye


You wanted to fly

You went too far

In this madness,

there is nobody to watch over me


A million stars

in the sky catch the colors in your eyes 

I wanted one more second to say goodbye


I wanted to sing,

you took your guitar

An angel plays for me now,

so with you I am singing 


A million stars

in the sky catch the colors in your eyes

I wanted so sing to you, to say goodbye

I wanted one more second to say goodbye

Give us just one more second to say goodbye





Your mother asked me to write something for you.And I, who am never at a loss for words’ am unable to find even one small word that can describe you. What can you say about a 23 year old boy who died?!That he was a beautiful as an angel.That he could bring you to tears with laughter.Hat he loved his family like no one his age would known how.That he never missed his mother’s Friday night Sabbat meal with the family.That he was crazy about his sisters, Amit and Ori, and he showed them off whenever he had a chance/That he played The Beatles and Paul Simon on his guitar.That he loved his girlfriend Reut so much.

It’s a crazy world thom,A world in which parents bury their sons.And we were so hopeful that in our children’s generation, we would not have to suffer from this nightmare…

Thomchuk, your mother and I raised you and my son together since birth – Thom and Tomer, you were so funny together…

I see your amazing friends who love you so much.They now have a void in their hearts.And in our circle of friends, the “grown-ups”, we know this void all too well – it’s terrible, it’s awful, and it hurts. It never goes away.You just learn to live with it but the wound never heals.

I hope your wonderful friends will support each other and your family.

So, forgive me Thom, I still can’t find works.We miss you already.




Ella Shuv is Thom’s mother best friend.